Halal Certification


Halal Certification

Halal certification is an internationally recognized certificate necessary to get trade permission in 117 countries. We provide certifications to restaurants, pharma & cosmetic companies, catering services, hospitals & tourism companies.

Industrial Food/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics

When it comes to Halal food, most people think of meat products only. However, consumers and sellers must ensure that all foods, particularly processed foods, pharmaceuticals and non-food items like cosmetics are also Halal. Often these products contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permissible under Halal, hence a Halal certification is required



A restaurant possessing Halal certification from an authorized body helps its customers to identify the brand with products of the highest quality as Halal certification is the only certification which certifies the storage, ingredients, and process of production of final products.So, it is a very significant tool for the company to take advantage over competitors

Air Catering

Halal Compliance is a must for flight catering with the growing needs of passengers and the diversity involved. We strongly believe that In-flight Halal food may bring new tourists to India to explore Indian rich heritage, culture, food and Indian hospitality


Halal Friendly Tourism (HFT)

Every traveler, when moving out from his country of residence and visiting a foreign land hopes to find accommodation, facilities, and services which are Halal certified. We certify following services as part of Halal Friendly Tourism
Halal Food with full Assurance (Halal Certified Food by a competent Halal Authority)
Prayer Hall in the Hotel or building Premises
Qibla direction pasted or signified in the room to ascertain the direction of prayer
Prayer mats
Local Prayer timings list
Copy of Quran
Ramadan related Services

Halal Friendly Medical Tourism (HFMT)

In India, there is a huge out rush of patients from Middle East & other Islamic countries (OIC’s), as India is becoming a hub where hospitals of international standards have established. We have world-class doctors, infrastructure & advanced technology, which offers treatment to these medical tourists at a much compatible and affordable cost, compared to USA, Europe, and other countries. So international patients, continue to choose India as a medical tourism destination


Halal Compliance in Logistic

In producing a halal product, the main important principles that should be the focus on is that the products should not at any time be contaminated with non-halal products. Therefore, in this vein logistics is seen as one of the probable sections in the supply chain that has a hidden risk towards halal integrity. So be at the top of the halal logistics, companies need to be well versed in the whole ethos in order to maintain what is known as the ‘halal integrity’ of a food product

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