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Our commitment to people, planet, and progress.

We take the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ quite literally. The campaign efforts we engage in include supporting India’s initiative to be ‘Green and Clean’, volunteering to provide assistance after natural disasters, and providing financial support, medical aid, and scholarships to families living in poverty.

Go Green & Clean

Our initiative to make sure the world changes into a better place for future generations includes setting up campaigns to clean up the streets, in rural areas and smaller towns.

Medical Assistance

Aside from helping people during natural disasters like floods, Halal India contributes 0.5% of its yearly profits towards helping people in need of medical care worldwide.

Food Aid Programme

Our food distribution activities have benefitted a diverse range of people from orphanages to hospitals by conducting food banks & distributing groceries to those in need.

Relief Funds

Halal India has offered cash, rescue and relief materials, and voluntary services to help those hit by calamities like floods and landslides in all parts of India.

Saying NO to child labor

In order to improve the lives of children worldwide, Halal India is committed to prohibiting child labor while monitoring for certifications for products.

Empowering communities

Halal India actively participates in the betterment of its community by conducting awareness programmes, supporting businesses, & restoring shelters.