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India's most trusted Halal Certification
body for every business success.

Achieving excellence in issuing Halal Compliance Certification, Independent Auditing & Monitoring systems, and promoting other acceptable products and services.

Industries We Certify

We provide globally recognized certifications to a wide range of industries.


These products may contain animal by-products or other ingredients that are not permissible under Halal, hence a Halal certification is required.

F&B Manufacturers

This industry which includes cafeterias, fast-food joints, delis, etc. needs halal certification to make sure that their customers get the best services and products.

FMCG Manufacturers

The shelf life of fast-moving consumer goods is short due to high consumer demand or because they are perishable, which makes them subject to rigorous audits.

Animal feed manufacturers

Monitoring the manufacturing and processing of raw materials that feed the animals we consume is imperative since it will affect our health one way or another.

Traders & Merchants

The way of handling and transportation of materials while trading and selling them must be given significant attention.


Companies need to be well versed in the logistics of the supply chain to maintain the ‘halal integrity’ of a food product as it always has a probable risk factor.

Packaging materials

To be certified as halal, the packaging materials and lubricants must be halal certified. Lubricants must not contain porcine sterates. 

Air Catering

In-flight Halal food will allow the newly visiting tourists to explore the rich heritage, culture, and food of India. 

Family-Friendly Tourism

Every traveler, when visiting a foreign land, hopes to find accommodation, facilities, and services that are Halal certified.

Family-Friendly Medical Tourism

India is a proud home to world-class doctors, infrastructure & advanced technology and is becoming a medical tourism destination. 

Detailed Halal Certification Process

The certification process chart is put into place to provide a clear view of how the process works and to avoid confusion or miscommunication once the process has commenced.

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Guidance for applying
Product Certification

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