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Core Objectives

Halal India’s core objective is to provide consistent quality Halal certification services to all our clients without discrimination. We adhere to surveillance schedules, monitor inspectors and enhance the competency of personnel engaged in the certification process to ensure timely delivery and to make a continuous effort towards the improvement in the certification process to obtain maximum confidence and trust of all stakeholders.

Management Policy

We at Halal India Private Limited are fully intent on providing independent management systems assessment services to the business community that leads to confidence in certification and self to operate globally. We are committed to enhancing the value addition through regular review and assessment and also to keeping all specific information confidential when needed.

Code of Ethics

Halal India Private Limited is dedicated to following the highest level of ethical conduct. We ensure that every employee understands the importance of behaving and exhibiting the highest level of responsibility, fairness, transparency, and confidentiality when needed. 

Impartiality Policy

Halal India Private Limited is fully aware of the management of the Impartiality policy during the operation of Halal Product certification activities of the organizations.

Our Impartiality Safeguard Committee operates independently to review and conduct an annual potential risk assessment on impartiality.

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Quality Policy

Halal India Private Limited is deeply committed to providing the highest quality certifications to all organizations without discrimination.

Our Quality policy is communicated and understood by all employees and we regularly update and review it to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness

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