Halal Compliant Training

Halal Compliant Training

Halal India’s Training Department objective is to educate people all across the globe about Halal Compliance from the technical view point along with its application & implementation in our daily life.

(CHCP- Certified Halal Compliance Professional)

Internal Auditor Training

The global market for Halal products is growing exponentially at 6.9 % which is greater than the general food sector. Today the global Halal market is worth approximately USD 4 Trillion. Undergoing Halal training program is the easiest way to grab the huge underlying opportunity arising due to severe shortage of well trained and certified Halal professionals. This program will deliver the comprehensive training which will provide the basic fundamental & practical understanding of Halal methods

(HCLA-Halal Compliance Lead Auditor)

Lead Auditor Training

Lead Auditor Training Programmes are designed to be technically very comprehensive and provide basic fundamental & practical understanding of Halal. It covers the Shariah aspects, Halal certification process, Halal market, Halal food & consumerism as well as It also emphasizes on quality and safety of Halal products and services which ultimately enable the overall development of Halal Industries

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