World Halal Day - 2022 Durban


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An International Halal Conference that strives to provide a distinctive and precise understanding of the Halal concept as an ethical and responsible way of living. The aim is to create a dynamic impact on individuals, society and the nation to sustain and stimulate global economic and social growth. The Assembly serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and constructive discussions, mutual collaborations for Research & Development initiatives, and will be attended by Halal Certification bodies, Government Agencies, State Certification Agencies, Diplomatic missions, Islamic Financial Institutes, NGOs, Food Research and Development Centres, Trade Development Agencies, Travel & Tour Agencies and International & Local business


A platform for manufacturers, traders and business leaders to promote and Expand their business in the global Halal markets, through B2B networking With the regional & international buyers And Expo exhibitors.




G2G, B2B Engagements

pairing of international investors with local operators and industry players manufacturer & buyers, traders, distributors joint venture discussion & investors sectors food & beverage, agro-processing, leather, tourism.


KwaZulu Natal is positioned to be a manufacturing gateway for niche halal products to supply the growing US$6.3 trillion market in Africa and across the rest of the world. We have other opportunities also from central Asia and European countries, where post event, there will be a lot of opportunity for the South African product.

“Halal is not only for Muslims, But mankind. The halal industry is expanding”.

Mr. Mohamed Jinna

United World Halal Development

Covid-19 has taught us the importance of nutrition to fight diseases. The other pillar that was appealing for me was how Halal placed the importance of social responsibility being part and parcel of the production of nutritional foods where the manufacturer has to take into account that they are part of a social good that should benefit all.”

Madame Ela Gandhi

KZN Food Bank Ambassador

Through this Indaba, we expect a significant contribution to the province’s GDP. The hotel Occupancy rate is also expected to rise, an important contribution towards resuscitating the tourism industry, which has been among the worst hit by the outbreak of COVID-19. Our relationship with the United World Halal Development will lead to more export.

Mr. Ravi Pillay


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of South Africa for the warm hospitality. It is very fortunate that forum brought together a wide profile of businesspeople to secure mutual economic benefits. The real-world observations show that there is a need for Halal industry to adapt to the new realities and achieve its earlier projected growth. Instead of relying on traditional ways of doing business, a broader and more systematic approach is needed at this time. I think that regional entrepreneurs around the globe must come together to rethink how to stay focus on the desired results that can help this industry to grow even beyond what we expected. I am confident that our discussions will provide valuable insights on the role of halal industry in enhancing global trade and investments within the Republic of Tatarstan on one hand and with the African countries, on the other hand. Perfect organization, honest and authentic speakers of incredible high level. We made a number of promising contacts and were pleased to be among such a dynamic people.”

Ms. Ekaterina Kamalova

General Director
Directorate of International Programmes,TIDA, Tatarstan


The KwaZulu-Natal Trade & Investment Indaba and World Halal Day Expo is a three-day International Halal Trade exhibition with a unique concept of B2B with B2C for the Global Halal industry to meet the key players of African Halal market, providing a comprehensive Business platform to connect the trade & Industry with the trillion dollars Global Halal Market.


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