Corporate Social Resposibility

Go Green and Clean

Halal India supports the Government of India initiative of Green and Clean India. The campaign aims to clean up the streets, roads, and infrastructure of India’s cities, smaller towns, and rural areas.

Disaster Relief

Helping those in need in the aftermath of a natural disaster is a cause that connects with everyone. Halal India has offered cash, rescue and relief materials and voluntary services to help those hit by calamities like the floods and landslides in all parts of India.

Financial Help

Financial help is provided to families living under the poverty line. Financial help is provided for medical treatments, education and learning skills for employment.

Medical Assistance

Halal India’s initiative to help poor patients coming from within India and abroad. Halal India has decided to contribute 0.5% of its total yearly profits towards assisting poor patients from across the globe who cannot be treated locally or who do not have enough means of seeking treatment. Such patients will include children or persons who are the sole bread earners for the family.


Each year many meritorious students from financially poor families are forced to discontinue their higher education due to lack of funds. Halal India believes in “Investing in smallest dreams” and demonstrating the same in real life. We at Halal India have decided to financial assist 50 meritorious students from poor families under the newly launched Program Halal India Scholarship programme


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